Seasoned Vets and Newbies alike frequently ask the same question, What and where are the best affiliate programs?

First, you’ll want to ask yourself, what are you interested in?

Then, what do you know a little something about?

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There are many affiliate programs that would match just about any interest you may have or know something about.

Let’s see if we can’t simplify the process of choosing the best affiliate programs to promote.

Head on over to Hickies Inc.
What I like about Hickies is that they keep in touch with you willing to help you make money.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, it won’t take you long to find out who the good affiliates are.
Too many companies go to big affiliate marketing companies to handle their sales.
They end up hurting the affiliate they represent because they pick and choose which websites can or cannot advertise for them. has a few companies that are like that. Either you don’t get approved by the company at the start because this affiliate marketing company thinks that your website is not suited for that company, or you do get approved by a company, work hard to get them sales, and here comes this affiliate marketing company taking away your profits.
When companies sticks with the small guy, we all win. was meant to be for the small guy, not for affiliate marketing companies.

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You don’t have to weed through that many sites. The first few pages should give you a few ideas as to what you want to promote. Try and stick with something you’ve got some background in.

For example, let’s say you’ve been working in a pet store for awhile.
See if you can’t find an affiliate program related to pets.
Maybe pet food, pet training, pet care, etc. Perhaps you’ll want to target specific pets like dogs or dog training.
Dog Training and Dog Breeds are very “HOT” markets right now and I suspect they will be for quite sometime to come.

The best advice I can give is to be patient, utilize as many free resources to promote your programs as you can.
There are many.
Get your own domain and web host.
You’ll want to put together a site that is unlike the generic affiliate site that the owner provides.
This will put you in a different category as you will not be promoting the same page as a thousand other marketers.
It will also make you credible and establish you as someone who is serious about their business on the web.

There are two really great web hosting companies to choose from

1&1 Web Hosting.
They both have great customer service.

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Ed McConnell

35 years in the marketing business and CEO of Affiliate Marketing Point.